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Everybody’s pimpin’ your search

While I’ve been off traveling, Google and Yahoo have been launching new or revving existing products that verge somewhere between Search VRM and Complex Search. Matt Cutts (at his own blog) and Greg Sterling and Chris Sherman at Search Engine Watch, all have great writeups of the details of the powerful new Custom Search Engine […]

Marketing in a disintermediated world

Seth Godin has an excellent post that sums up exactly why marketing and branding is still so crucial in our post-mass-media marketplace: You’re busy trying to sell a service or a product or an idea to lazy people in a hurry. Lazy, as in not willing to do the work to create long term benefits. […]

IE7’s Search VRM

Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Watch has a great write-up about IE7’s use of search. I particularly like this feature: [The] Search Provider page also has an interesting box allowing you to visit any search engine, then do a copy-and-paste action to make your own search box. It’s very clever. You simply search for […]

You can’t disintermediate the brand

Over at IT Garage, Doc writes: In Software by Bounty, Doug Kay says, This is a tangible manifestation of what Doc Searls has described as the demand side taking control, and I think it bodes well for the further formalization of a demand-driven economy of software products. I think it’s a great example of the […]

Long tail everywhere

Thought I’d share the buzz on some startups I learned about today at the Central Coast MIT Enterprise Forum‘s October Event, The Long Tail: Web Enabled Niche Marketing & Services First, it was pretty cool. Three companies presented: Kevo A celebrity-focused wiki for the pop-culture long tail. ThisNext A social networking-based product recommendation service. Blue […]

Real world attention…

Kim Cameron points to a post by Deborah Schultz, which happens to be a great segue into my follow up with Steve Gillmor: My latest mantra: Everyone step away from the keyboard and Engage with Intent in “offline community” Steve left me a comment the other day, inviting me to call him. So I did. […]

How much search training do we really need?

Chris Sherman at Seach Engine Watch writes about a new book out by Greg R. Notess called Teaching Web Search Skills. Wow. Is search so bad that we need to teach how to do it? Even more scary, is it so bad that we need to teach teachers how to teach it? Apparently.

Monetizing Attention

Jim Bursch commented on my latest Attention post, suggesting his own My Mindshare 10-point Declaration is aligned with the AttentionTrust. Unfortunately, it looks like he is getting slammed at Craigslist and not getting traction in the blogoverse (from reading his blog). Jim, I think you might be running into backlash from the PayPerPost click-fraud-like problem […]

Walled gardens, bad.

Hugh McLeod makes it so clear: The good news is that the long tail doesn’t fit inside the walled garden and the long tail is the present and the future. Those walls are coming down. I love it, Hugh.

Guy Kawasaki gets young adults to talk tech

AdRants points to an amazing one hour panel with six people aged 16 to 24, talking with Guy Kawasaki about how they use technology in their life. Anyone interested in how tech use is changing should watch this. Some of it I had heared anecdotally, but it was sobering to see real people and put […]