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Online retail standards may help search across vendors

Evan Schuman writes about a new standard from the Association for Retail Technical Standards (ARTS) that will help online retailers interoperate on the semantic web, making it much easier for Search engines to return results that include accurate and timely … Continue reading

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Kiss–Long Tail Branding

Adrants today turned me on to a great AdFreak interview with Gene Simmons, the leader of the (former) mega-band KISS: Interviewing famed KISS bassist Gene Simmons and how he’s taken what was once just a rock brand and turned it … Continue reading

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Amazon unable to disambiguate authors

Apparently, my problem with William Gibson and Prof. William Gibson at Amazon isn’t so much that they have the wrong William Gibson, but rather that Amazon has no mechanism for disambiguating authors. When you click on an author’s link to … Continue reading

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A different take on Attention

I’ve panned the AttentionTrust quite a bit in my first few posts, but I must say it is really because they are so close to spot on. Powerfully close. Now if we can just jump from there to something we … Continue reading

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Amazon over-automating

Amazon surprised me with a recommendation today: The Original And Institution of Civil Government, Discuss’d (Ams Studies in the Eighteenth Century) (Hardcover) by Benjamin Hoadly (Author), William Gibson (Author) This is probably because I’m a William Gibson fan. However, I’m … Continue reading

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Voodoo^H^H^H^H^H^H Nomad Economics

I discovered an interesting innovation in economic theory today, called Nomad Economics. I’ve always felt that the market acting as an aggregate of individuals–the “invisible hand” setting prices–is pretty amazing. It can be a hyper-efficient tool for simultaneously setting value … Continue reading

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Steve Yegge speaks truth to power

Steve Yegge posted a wonderful rant on the evils and power of Javascript as channeled through DHTML. For anyone who cares about rich applications in a multi-platform web–and all the associated nightmares, challenges, and unnecessary nasties–it is worth reading.

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Search Engine Watch looks at’s Smart Answers

Brian Smith kicks off a series over at Search Engine Watch looking at how Ask, Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft are providing bonus, focused, “added-value” search results. First up: Ask’s Smart Answers. Basically, Ask uses a handful of trigger words and … Continue reading

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Neil Gaiman has a blog

I just discovered that one of my favorite authors blogs. I love it.

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Thinking about Complex Searches

Google and Yahoo! are part of a thriving industry that provides billions of dollars in real value. Yet in The Search John Batelle and Udi Manber suggest that Search is only about 5% invented. Bill Gross, inventor of the Pay-Per-Click … Continue reading

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