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Supreme Court, the EPA, Dubya, and Climate Change

Climate change is a mess. Not just because of the environmental impact, but because of its politicization. We can’t even get the name right. Environmentalists want to call it Global Warming. Industrialists want to call it bogus. The facts are … Continue reading

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Bread experiment ok

Previously, I said I was going to try out a new bread recipe for Thanksgiving. Well, it turned out that I was stuck starting the mix in a corporate apartment with limited choices for measuring cups, and I had less … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It’s a US holiday, I know, but the sentiments are definitely international. It’s good to have a time of the year we take a moment to remind ourselves of the things we are thankful for. I, for … Continue reading

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VRM: Make a gesture, create a market.

What do you get when you turn proprietary data silos inside out? Users in control. Doc Searls has been advocating VRM for a while (here too). What’s nice about his thinking — in addition to the open source/open standards approach … Continue reading

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GoogleAdvice from Seth Godin

In a conversation about the potential market lock-in of Google at Abe Burmeister‘s blog, Dave Chiu introduced me to a great presentation Seth Godin made to Google early in 2006, explaining that it was marketing, and not technology, that made … Continue reading

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Homemade bread for turkey day

Fellow Caltech alum Castor Fu turned me on to a great recipe for homemade bread that I hope to try out for Thanksgiving. Here’s the article that turned him on to it (unfortunately now behind NYT’s walled garden) … happy … Continue reading

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Travel travel, but bless Helsinki

I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, but I guess I need to try to get to Helsinki. Neil Gaiman shares an absolutely lovely video of the Helsinki Complaints Choir. Check it out. It’s worth the effort.

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In Complex Search we trust

Last week, Seth Godin wrote about the critical role trust plays in our market relationships. And the upside? The upside is that individuals (and organizations) that don’t stoop, that manage to figure out how to have influence without trying to … Continue reading

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