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Wave v Particle Model of Messages

Hugh McLeod is a genius. After an exchange with Doc Searls that I disagreed with, Hugh shares a seemingly disconnected thought that is so spot on the whole message thing, it’s scary. What is an Object of Sociability [OoS, or … Continue reading

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2007 Not the Year of the Attention Economy

There’s been a lot said about the new Attention Economy and a lot of interest in generating value from “Attention Data.” The enthusiasm bubbles up from excitement about a new abundance to reach the conclusion that Attention is now the … Continue reading

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Demand for Clarity

Doc Searls and Hugh McLeod apparently agree that There is No Demand for Messages. But that’s not really true. There is huge demand for clarity and understanding. And you only get that through messages. Doc says: Let’s face it: there … Continue reading

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The ‘R’ in VRM

Jeremie recently asked “What does the R mean in VRM?” The question I ask myself about VRM though is what does the Relationship mean? Many of the situations that have been proposed for VRM to play a role are Vendor … Continue reading

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Time agrees… users are in control

This year’s Man of the Year from Time Magazine is You. All hail the power and relevance of the user centered revolution that started with Pong and continues into the future with VRM. Pong? Yes, Pong, that simple little game … Continue reading

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Incredible Inevitable Identity

Last week I attended the Internet Identity Workshop 2006b. It was amazing. Not only was it a source of much varied and in-depth information, the people and community were world-class, all engaged in an “unconference” format that was truly the … Continue reading

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Internet Identity -> Reputation Networks and more

Effective, distributed, and automated third-party Identity systems will touch and change just about everything on the Internet. (Tip of the hat to Kim Cameron for the proposal and work behind that link.) For the last few months I’ve been exploring … Continue reading

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Supreme Court & Global Warming 2

Following up on yesterday’s post, tThe NYT‘s coverage of the Supreme Court hearing on Global Warming continues: On one level, the argument was about the meaning of the Clean Air Act, which the Environmental Protection Agency maintains does not treat … Continue reading

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