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Relationships are how you express them

At the recent VRM developers meeting, I posited an idea: Relationships only exist to the extent that we express them. Except for incidental relationships, every relationship that we care about manifests itself in our world in the form of expressions … Continue reading

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Paradoxes need split personalities

One of my friends once said I was the most “up-tight laid-back guy” he knew. It’s true. On the same topic, I’ll often veer wildly from one side to the other depending on the context. I’ve found this flexibility can … Continue reading

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VRM Process

Chris Carfi at The Social Customer Manifesto recently posted a thought provoking romp into the future of VRM: Accompanying this visual, he writes: So, the two big questions: Q1: Who controls the interactions between vendor and customer? Q2: Are the … Continue reading

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The Google Future

Robert X. Cringely paints an intriguing picture of our future… well, perhaps we should call it Google’s future, since they own it: Google will become our phone company, our cable company, our stereo system and our digital video recorder. Soon … Continue reading

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VRM & Microformats

Colin Henderson at BankWatch writes: I had considered microformats might be a method of managing these interactions. Could the consumer requirement I have outlined be brokered by a Microformat? That’s the open question I have. I agree. Microformats should definitely … Continue reading

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Shopatron redefines Vendor Relationships

Ed Stevens of Shopatron is re-intermediating retailers into the online sales process. Re-intermediation? It seems to go against the grain of what the Internet means to markets. Distributors. Retailers. Middlemen. All these folks were supposed to be disintermediated, returning the … Continue reading

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Pinocchio & Procedural Literacy

I love what Steve Yegge says here about designing great software. Here’s an excerpt (edited for brevity): I think the most important principle in all of software design is this: Systems should never reboot. If you design a system so … Continue reading

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Google Advocates VRM for medical data

Philipp Lenssen at Google Blogoscoped shares this quote from Google’s Vice President Adam Bosworth [excerpted from original transcript]: So what can be done? We should start at the beginning. Let’s put the patients in charge of their health and medical … Continue reading

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Apple iPhone, 911, GPS, and Apple’s walled garden

Doc Searls recently posted from CES with a complaint about the iPhone’s lack of GPS support: My own first question was “Where’s the GPS?” Absence of that would be a deal-killer for me. Well, good news and bad news. Since … Continue reading

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Long tail of the atom business

So, while many of our compatriots are out blogging CES, I came across this video from Cornell’s Fab@Home project, on Slashdot: holy_calamity writes “Two Carnegie Mellon researchers have designed an open source 3D printer that costs just $2,400. The self-assembly … Continue reading

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