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Relationships are how you express them

At the recent VRM developers meeting, I posited an idea: Relationships only exist to the extent that we express them. Except for incidental relationships, every relationship that we care about manifests itself in our world in the form of expressions of that relationship. Consider a potential relationship between two people, Bob and Frank, walking down […]

Paradoxes need split personalities

One of my friends once said I was the most “up-tight laid-back guy” he knew. It’s true. On the same topic, I’ll often veer wildly from one side to the other depending on the context. I’ve found this flexibility can be useful when dealing with paradoxical situations. Tom Peter’s latest audio blog explores such a […]

VRM Process

Chris Carfi at The Social Customer Manifesto recently posted a thought provoking romp into the future of VRM: Accompanying this visual, he writes: So, the two big questions: Q1: Who controls the interactions between vendor and customer? Q2: Are the interactions focused on transactions or relationships? It’s important to note that the object of this […]

The Google Future

Robert X. Cringely paints an intriguing picture of our future… well, perhaps we should call it Google’s future, since they own it: Google will become our phone company, our cable company, our stereo system and our digital video recorder. Soon we won’t be able to live without Google, which will have marginalized the ISPs and […]

Pinocchio & Procedural Literacy

I love what Steve Yegge says here about designing great software. Here’s an excerpt (edited for brevity): I think the most important principle in all of software design is this: Systems should never reboot. If you design a system so that it never needs to reboot, then you will eventually, even if it’s by a […]

Apple iPhone, 911, GPS, and Apple’s walled garden

Doc Searls recently posted from CES with a complaint about the iPhone’s lack of GPS support: My own first question was “Where’s the GPS?” Absence of that would be a deal-killer for me. Well, good news and bad news. Since 2005, all cell phones have had to support a location based functionality for calls to […]

Long tail of the atom business

So, while many of our compatriots are out blogging CES, I came across this video from Cornell’s Fab@Home project, on Slashdot: holy_calamity writes “Two Carnegie Mellon researchers have designed an open source 3D printer that costs just $2,400. The self-assembly kit is part of what they call the Fab@Home project — they hope it will […]