Long tail of the atom business

So, while many of our compatriots are out blogging CES, I came across this video from Cornell’s Fab@Home project, on Slashdot:

holy_calamity writes “Two Carnegie Mellon researchers have designed an open source 3D printer that costs just $2,400. The self-assembly kit is part of what they call the Fab@Home project — they hope it will spark development of rapid prototyping for the consumer market in the same way the Altair 8800 did for personal computing in seventies.”

Very cool. One step closer to Neal Stephenon’s The Diamond Age, where disintermediation of the atom business is the crux of the world’s largest international military and cultural conflict. When you no longer have to go to the store or have a visit from the mailman to get your stuff, we will truly be exploring the longest tail of the atom business.

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