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Blog it forward

Props to my good friend and longtime colleague Christian Gray for getting back on the blogging train after a few early starts. He opens this time with a bit of inspired invitation to go 10x, that is giving 10x value … Continue reading

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Company XYZ Releases Google Killer

This post from Google Blogoscoped is just too funny to ignore. Of course, SwitchBook‘s technology really is going to change everything. It is, after all, about “Complex Search,” which is so much more than just “Search.” 😉 Seriously, I think … Continue reading

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Most managers’ info searches are useless

Nancy Gohring at ComputerWorld reports: Managers waste hours every day looking for information that often turns out to be useless, according to a report from consulting firm Accenture Ltd.In a survey of 1,000 middle managers at large companies in the … Continue reading

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VRM development process

Christopher Carfi makes a good point about VRM over at Social Customer [excerpt]: Immediately diving into code is going to take us exactly down the same path that CRM did, and focus on the technology, instead of the people… Before … Continue reading

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User programmers

Abhijit at ifacethoughts continues a thread from Mike at Techdirt who writes if the programmer takes the blame for not being a user, make the user a programmer. This is already happening, and even done well. In Excel. Making users … Continue reading

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Fun with Science (non-newtonian pool)

I knew it was possible to run on water… just never tried it. Many thanks to Tom’s post at New Scientist where you’ll find a bunch of cool science stuff.

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Social Networking, VRM, and Slashdot

Slashdot today had a post drawing input about VRM needs in the social networking space. Of course, they didn’t say VRM, but the issues of silos and pan-Internet identities is directly inline with VRM goals: mrspin offers the opinion of … Continue reading

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Tom Peters on Global Warming

Tom had this to share today: I know Dick Cheney and former ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond—and for that matter, Michael Crichton—say no deal. Maybe you do, too. That is, global warming—or not. Hence the picture above is a report, not … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Greetings and felicitations! Best wishes to everyone for a fabulous, productive, and wildly successful 2007.

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