March 2007

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Mindshare is more emotion than economics

Jim Bursch gives an interesting analysis of his economic model for mindshare. MyMindshare is Jim’s company, a marketplace for buying and selling attention, or as Jim calls it, mindshare. I’ve criticized MyMindshare’s premise before because it looks a lot like PayPerPost, which remains, IMO, a shill engine in a world where authenticity matters more than […]

The nature of conversations

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Curiously, that delay changed my mental model for conversations, especially online conversations. Understanding conversations is, I think, one of the first steps to creating something amazing with VRM. Re-inventing the online search/advertising/sales conversation may just be the most important part of Vendor Relationship Management… but I’m […]

Reversing Mass Media

Dave Winer (via Chris Carfi): “It was a mistake to believe that creativity was something you could delegate, no matter how much better they were than you, because it’s an important human activity, like breathing, eating, walking, laughing, loving.” Actually, I would say that you shouldn’t delegate it all the time. I agree with Dave […]

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