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New YouTube surfing interface = crack

I thought YouTube was enticing before. But their new super fast, groovy surfing bar takes it to a whole other level… Check it out in this PSA about posting stuff online: Talk about sucking my attention away…

Photosynth redefines “visualizing” the web

Photosynth from Microsoft appears to be a true game changer. Assuming they can deal with scaling at a Google or YouTube pace (and it looks like they probably can), their approach to multi-resolution experiences and automated image linking, extraction, & assimilation, truly changes what images mean on the web. You might think of what they […]

Reputation as case-based Identity

Michael O’Connor Clarke on Web 3.0 and Personal Reputation Management: I feel the need for some secure, personal repository that would hold all of my connections and “whuffie” together. I want to keep my whuffie in my wallet – but not in a Microsoft Passport/Hailstorm kind of way. Ack, no. It should include most elements […]

PLR, VRM, and American Public Media

Project VRM is tackling public radio–or more broadly public media–as its first concrete initiative. Put simply, the goal is to double the public contribution to public media in the United States. In that context, I was intrigued when Neil Gaiman, author extraordinaire–perhaps best known for his seminal work on The Sandman graphic novel–mentioned the PLR […]

Jeremy Zawodny joins VRM (perhaps unknowingly)

Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo!, recently asked Where to buy unlocked GSM mobile phones? perhaps unknowingly following in the footsteps of VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) pioneer Doc Searls. I’m a big fan of Jeremy’s blog, even if that is where he introduced me to the most time consuming addiction I’ve had in years (thanks a lot […]