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VRM Banking

Kudos to Wesabe for launching a VRM approach to banking as described by Chief Product Officer Marc Hedlund: Last week, my company, Wesabe (which makes a personal finance community site), launched a REST API that allows anyone to get their bank or credit card data in XML, Excel, CSV, or a bunch of standard financial […]

VRM and Personal Data Stores

In my previous post on VRM‘s Personal Data Stores, I discussed how we can decentralize information services by focusing on the user as the point of integration. Not only would that give the user direct control over their personal data–to the cheers of privacy advocates everywhere–it would provide a more robust, reliable, and scalable approach […]

Two explosions hit San Francisco on Market St near Van Ness

While in a conference call just now, my colleague was summarily ushered out of his building in San Francisco as two small explosions caused white smoke to billow out from manholes on Market Street near Van Ness.  Safety crews are on the scene and it seems to be clearing up. Thought you might want to […]