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Childhood Dreams…

Many thanks to Robin Hunicke for pointing me to this absolutely wonderful reminder of why childhood dreams are so important. As Robin says, if you haven’t seen it already, take a moment and do. You might start with the Wall Street Journal article about Randy’s “last lecture.” I’ve not met Randy, but I’m glad Robin […]

Why Search needs VRM

Much laughter and thanks to Cory Doctorow for a send up of the Googlefuture, Scroogled. I’ll add a subtitle: “Learning to love Google nation.” Cory’s tale noir makes it crystal clear why Search needs VRM-style solutions to deal with user control of query and clickstream data. Google isn’t about to let you fully edit or […]

Change of Ages

David Hull recently responded to my post-Information Age article suggesting that we are in fact, just at the end of the beginning rather than the end of the Information Age itself: I like the article, I like the argument, but I don’t quite like the conclusion. As Churchill said, this is not the end. It […]

Leaving the Information Age

Say goodbye to the Information Age. It’s already over. Ok, not over, completely. These things take time. You don’t just end an “Age” in an instant. But take a look around you and you’ll start to see the beginnings of the end, just about everywhere. The last Great Age, the Industrial Age, started sometime around […]

Kudos to Six Apart for opening up the social graph

In case you haven’t already heard it elsewhere, Dave Recordon has announced that Six Apart is opening its social graph. Kudos to Dave & the rest of the team at Six Apart for opening up the data silo. There remain several access rights management issues around reusing one’s social graph, but getting the data out […]

Working for a living…

Thanks Jamie Rubin for a nice little video: Difficult jobs My job is always challenging and difficult but it’s nothing compared to what this guy does everyday. I have no idea where this video comes from but it’s fascinating. (via B.L. Ochman)

Marc Andreessen hits three nails on the head…

But is perhaps missing the biggest nail of all. I’ve been enjoying Marc Andreessen’s blogging since he started. Always well written, often insightful, and tapping a wealth of Internet and entrepreneurial experience, his posts are at the top of my reading list. One of his latest maps out the power of platforms, especially as they […]

A world of claims, not facts

On the Social Network Interoperability list, Danny Ayers recently pointed to a great post, “The World is Now Closed” by Dan Brickley, with the following quote: [[from Dan Brickly:] So what am I getting at here? I guess it’s just that we need these big social sites to move away from making teen-talk claims about […]