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Intro video to OpenID

Here’s a nice, clear introduction to OpenID that Phil Windley blogged recently. If you are curious about all this user-centric identity stuff or have taken on the role of explaining OpenID to others, I highly recommend it.

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The user is the platform of the future… Doc Searls @ LeWeb3

I love Doc Searls. Few people inspire the future as well as Doc, especially when he is on a tear. Here’s a delightful short (<5 min) romp in an interview at LeWeb3 in Paris about the future of the web … Continue reading

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The hard stuff – VRM Use Cases

Last week was the Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View, California, which is, without reservation, the most productive technical gathering I know of. An “unconference,” (facilitated by the incomparable Kaliya Hamlin) it dumps the talking heads for interactive discussions so … Continue reading

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