December 2007

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Intro video to OpenID

Here’s a nice, clear introduction to OpenID that Phil Windley blogged recently. If you are curious about all this user-centric identity stuff or have taken on the role of explaining OpenID to others, I highly recommend it.

The user is the platform of the future… Doc Searls @ LeWeb3

I love Doc Searls. Few people inspire the future as well as Doc, especially when he is on a tear. Here’s a delightful short (<5 min) romp in an interview at LeWeb3 in Paris about the future of the web and the critical importance of making user-centric open systems the core of a ubiquitously connected […]

The hard stuff – VRM Use Cases

Last week was the Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View, California, which is, without reservation, the most productive technical gathering I know of. An “unconference,” (facilitated by the incomparable Kaliya Hamlin) it dumps the talking heads for interactive discussions so that folks can get real work done. The culture and focus enable a truly impressive […]

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