January 2008

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Europe continues to lead privacy conversation with IP ruling

The EU is years ahead of the US in user rights and privacy. For a VRM example, see the UK’s Buyer-Centric Commerce Forum. Now, according to the Washington Post, an EU judge has pushed the privacy envelope even further, saying “IP addresses are personal data“: BRUSSELS — IP addresses, strings of numbers that identify computers […]

The Killer App Proceeds From the User

Alex Iskold of Blue Organizer asks “What is the Killer App?” for the Semantic Web in an article that nicely condenses the current best of class in the major contending promises of what Tim Berner’s Lee has recently dubbed the Giant Global Graph: Natural Language Understanding No longer a need for cryptic “Googlese” to get […]

The VRM Vector

The core of VRM, Vendor Relationship Management, is the vector of activity. Remember vectors? Vectors are multi-dimensional, scalars one dimensional. In high school they explained it by saying velocity is a vector, it contains both the direction of travel and the magnitude. Speed, on the other hand, is a scalar. It only has the magnitude, […]

iPhone, David Lynch, my little LG, and Users of the Future

Happy 2008 everyone. A quick thanks to Damien Mulley for this lovely bit on legendary director David Lynch hating on the iPhone: I just got a brand new LG from Verizon with their VCast service and I have to say, while it’s full keyboard is a treat and I’ve had fun playing with the apps […]

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