iPhone, David Lynch, my little LG, and Users of the Future

Happy 2008 everyone.

A quick thanks to Damien Mulley for this lovely bit on legendary director David Lynch hating on the iPhone:

I just got a brand new LG from Verizon with their VCast service and I have to say, while it’s full keyboard is a treat and I’ve had fun playing with the apps I can get on the bigger screen, the on-demand video sucks, especially compared to the beautiful iPhone. Maybe Lynch is just upset about the writer’s strike…

Clearly, it is just a matter of time until the user is fully in charge… everywhere.

It’s not so much that information wants to be free.It’s that convenience is one of the most compelling drives in the human condition. When you give people a way to get what they want, more conveniently than they could get it before, you make money and make people happy.That’s why 7-11’s exist. That’s why there’s a Starbucks on every corner. And that’s why Tesco’s Fresh & Easy invasion of the U.S. is likely to be a rampaging success. Those brick & mortar stories aren’t typically thought of in the context of the user-centric movement, VRM, or Digital Rights Management/piracy contexts, but they should be, because at the end of the day, the companies that win are the ones that make it easier, faster, and more convenient for people to get what they want. Not what Vendors want them to have, but what they really want, even–or perhaps especially–when Vendors can’t really know what the market wants until they get out there and start selling stuff.

I love Lynch. He’s a fabulous artist in his medium. But I love that iPhone too. And isn’t it ironic to watch that clip? Power to the users.

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