Amazing social media customer support from Zemanta

Unedited, here’s a twitter exchange with the gents at Zemanta, triggered when I used Twhirl to shout out for customer support. I had no idea if they were listening, but I thought they might be. And since they just crashed my browser, Twhirl was the app of the moment, just ready to serve my frustration to the masses.

JoeAndrieu: @zemanta just crashed my browser. WP server side install, with FCK editor. Crashed latest Firefox while drag & dropping image.

JoeAndrieu: actually, I must say I was impressed with @zemanta, and the crash may not be their fault.

andraz @JoeAndrieu there is no way for us to crush firefox, except if there is a bug in firefox itself (we only use standard javascript)

JoeAndrieu:  @andraz just confirmed that it is repeatable: 1. Insert image. 2. Move image into a bulleted list. This did not crash with other images.

JoeAndrieu:  @andraz should I submit a formal bug report or do you have it under control?

friedcell: @JoeAndrieuwe’ll look into the drag and drop issue tomorrow morning CET. did you publish the post that crashed firefox?

JoeAndrieu: @friedcell still working on it. It crashed during editing, as I was adding images.

friedcell: @JoeAndrieutweet the url @ me when you’re done and if possible indicate the drop point so we can reproduce it, file a bug and fix it asapabout 3 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to JoeAndrieu

JoeAndrieu: @friedcell if you like, I’ll send you the draft. Just promise not to publish or redistribute.

andraz: @JoeAndrieu This is a bug report to be filled against Firefox… 🙂 however we’d be interested to have a skype chat –

JoeAndrieu: @friedcell as requested here’s the blog post

friedcell: @JoeAndrieu great, thanks. as @andraz already pointed out firefox should catch such event loops, but i hope we can do that for it

JoeAndrieu: @friedcell it surprised me that it only happened with Zemanta images. Those from my own gallery worked fine.

Great responsiveness by Zemanta. I’m truly impressed. Especially as all this happened on a lazy Sunday morning. I’ll report how the bug resolves itself.

Btw… anyone know any tools that make creating this kind of thread easier? I’d love to have the timestamps for those tweets and the cut & paste and editing was tediously unnecessary.

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  1. Dan says:

    Not a tool … but if you had added a long (say, ten letters and/or digits) random #hashtag to the first tweet and all of your followups, and if the repliers had done the same, then a Twitter search should have brought everything together.

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