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  1. mikeoz

    This is a great idea, and one I hope gets some traction. I’ve been a “lurker” on the VRM and VPI lists and my reaction is that the community must approach this with the same mindset that any of us would if we were trying to create a “killer app.”

    What we do NOT need is another document that no one understands or would read. When I had a real “IT” job, someone articulated the challenge as “living in the world of the untrained and un-trainable.” The person’s point was that we “expect” to be able to simply “understand” things. None of us “start off” knowing much about these new things (we are “untrained”), but no one is really willing to read the manual or go through training to understand how things really work (the “un-trainable”). The most successful products and services get this, and they design everything from interfaces to navigation and feedback with this in mind.

    I think that we should think about this as less of a “Standard Agreement” and more of a “service.” We should focus first on the “benefit” of this new arrangement and make sure this benefit is easily achievable and readily understood. If we can do this (we’ve been trying to so I KNOW how hard it is), there is a potential for folks to simply being “doing it” this new way.

    That doesn’t mean that we don’t have to keep working on the details of what is going to be shared and how it is to be protected. It simply means that it is not going to be enough to have a “good proposal.” This game will only change through “adoption.”

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