TechCrunch blasts Digg for bad digital citizenry

board room attackDigg‘s DiggBar and VideoEgg‘s new Twig are clobbering each other in the ongoing battle of web augmentation services, a class of user driven services.

In Attack of The Frames: VideoEgg Introduces The Twig Ad Bar, Erick Schonfeld blasts the new Twig Ad Bar and DiggBar for not playing well together.  And well he should.

TechCrunch authors Mike Arrington andMG Seigler also got in on the DiggBar discussion:

The DiggBar, Digg’s browser-based toolbar for digging and sharing content, has seen a tidal wave of controversy since its release last week.
by MG Siegler on April 15, 2009, 40 Comments
In the debate over whether or not URL shorteners are evil, one service in particular has been singled out: Digg’s new Diggbar. The Diggbar is more than just a URL shortener, but that is one of its main features.
by Erick Schonfeld on April 9, 2009, 92 Comments
DiggBar, the new shortURL and toolbar service from Digg, is certainly useful. I expect it to become my default short URL service on Twitter since it is so easy to create a short URL by simply adding in front of any URL. It will redirect to a short Digg URL like digg.
by Michael Arrington on April 2, 2009, 160 Comments

There are reasons to like the VideoEgg approach–it is essentially an easy way for websites to do a site-wide video bar that is slim and unintrusive. As such, it does exist just at the hosting website, in contrast to DiggBar whish uses frames to flow traffic through their webserver before it reaches your browser… allowing them to bypass most frame escape mechanisms used by websites that don’t want to be enframed elsewhere. Arguably this is an invasion of privacy and misleading to users.

data and globeThese are real problems. But in my book, the cardinal sin of DiggBar is that it cannot work at Internet Scale.

When other websites try similar approaches, it fails. Just as it does when Twig and DiggBar compete for functionality on the same website.

So, again, please, be good Netizen Developers when you build your webservices. Design and implement them so that they work when everybody does it. Because if you innovate well, everyone will.

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