3 responses to “Ephemera and Permanence — Tweets for Life”

  1. Doc Searls

    Those are great ideas, Joe.

    Not sure I’m underestimating the value of permatweets, though. My post was more about finding distinctions between social media and blogging, and giving blogging some respect it seems to have lost.

    Still, it’s very early. Which is why there’s plenty of room for working on new approaches and improvements to old ones. You rock at that. 🙂

    So keep going with it.

  2. Iain Henderson

    Interesting thanks Joe, I like the ‘at will’ and ‘on the record’ distinction and look forward to drilling down into that in VPI mode.

    There is also an interesting parallel with the terms ‘operational data’ and ‘analytical data’ i’ve used in personal data store discussions. Whilst not precisely the same as those you refer to, the share some characteristics in terms of their persistence/availability for ongoing use.



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