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  1. » Do we have to “trade off” privacy? ProjectVRM

    [...] so, but you’ll find links to some of the people involved in those efforts (among others) in Personal Data Stores, Exchanges, and Applications, a post by Joe Andrieu (of Switchbook). What matters in this context is that a bunch of good [...]

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    [...] Personal Data Stores, Exchanges, and Applications (joeandrieu.com) Bookmark to: Hide Sites $$('div.d1652').each( function(e) { e.visualEffect('slide_up',{duration:0.5}) }); [...]

  3. Paul Trevithick

    In your definitions the PDS is the place where the data is located (stored). But I think there is a need for a personal dashboard that allows you to see and to some extent manage external stores of data about you.

  4. Your Data and Its Value to You | Internet Theory

    [...] would this be possible? 1.  Pay consumers directly for their data.  If a strong statistical model could be found that analyzed the lost profit of a consumer not [...]

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