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Playing in the Treehouse

For the last few months, I’ve been helping a friend find a good way to learn HTML. She’s an experienced professional designer… in fact her website designs were winning awards as far back as 1994. But she finally realized that … Continue reading

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Towards a node.js Auto-Tweeter

I’ve been intrigued by node.js as a platform for highly-scalable server applications written in javascript and finally found a super simple application I wanted to try with it: an auto-tweeter that would let me schedule future tweets to my own … Continue reading

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Trust Me… Things Change.

Trust is complicated. But for some reason, online trust mechanisms assume it is outrageously simple. For example, firewalls imply that once you’re in the network, you’re trusted. It’s baked into the framing of the problem. Similarly, Trust Frameworks assume that … Continue reading

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Fourth Parties are agents. Third Parties aren’t necessarily.

Fourth Parties is a powerful, but sometimes confusing term. In fact, I think Doc recently mischaracterized it in a recent post to the ProjectVRM mailing list. Normally, I wouldn’t nitpick about this, but there are two key domains where this … Continue reading

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World Economic Forum and Personal Data as an Asset Class

At this last week’s Personal Data Deep Dive in Palo Alto, I had a chance to talk with some of the folks working with the World Economic Forum about their recent report Personal Data: The Emergence of a New Asset Class. … Continue reading

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Constellations of Privacy

Privacy issues dominate the global debate about protecting the rights of individuals online. Yet, the conversation almost entirely misses a vital point: public or private isn’t a black or white choice and it never has been. Sociologists have long recognized … Continue reading

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