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    […] saw Joe Andrieu at the Personal Data 2.0 Workshop this past week and he just did a post about privacy that makes a very important point: “public” and “private” are not black and […]

  2. Joseph Boyle

    Reminds me of Danah Boyd’s SXSW 2010 keynote:


    It’s easy to think that “public” and “private” are binaries. We certainly build a lot of technology with this assumption. … But this binary logic isn’t good enough for understanding what people mean when they talk about privacy.

  3. Stephen Wilson - Lockstep

    Great reframing of the issues – I love it. Right up to the last para when you cast aspersions on regulatory objectives. In my view, a great deal of good is done by OECD style data protection principles. And they nearly sidestep the philosophical quagmires you allude to. Please see my further thought on the public yet private paradox: http://lockstep.com.au/library/privacy/public-yet-still-private

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