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  1. Steve Phillips

    Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the shout out! Here’s another project you may be interested in: SBitter, SBHX’s Twitter clone project… with a twist.

    To quote the README: “Why throw away perfectly good Twitter clones when we could instead build a federated network out of them?” 😀 If you write a version in JS or CoffeeScript running on Node, I’ll write one in Go and another using Django!

    Find out more here: https://github.com/sbhackerspace/sbhx-webtech/blob/master/sbitter/README.md

  2. Steve Phillips

    @Joe: django-sample and rails-sample are apps meant to show off very basic functionality of Django and Rails, respectively, and have nothing to do with SBitter. SBitter should probably have its own repo… I’ll do that soon.

    gholms and I (and I think kitedawg) talked about the API a tiny bit, but it’s definitely still very much in the planning stages. Once we’ve got 2-3 SBitter instances, I’m thinking then we can focus more on the API… or you or your readers can drop into our IRC chat room (http://irc.sbhackerspace.com) and talk about how it should be structured immediately. 🙂

  3. Steve Phillips

    Sounds good!

    Speaking of Node, Dave (the UCSB math PhD ~candidate) will be teaching us about Node/server-side JS for this coming WebTech Wednesday @ 6pm. Should be cool! Later.


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