It all starts with sharing…

From kindergarten through our professional life, sharing binds us together as friends, colleagues, and collaborators, so perhaps it should be no surprise that online sharing through services like Facebook, Twitter, and email shapes our online social life. Yet sharing online is anything but simple.

The details of what happens with the information we share is often hidden behind long, complicated legal agreements that almost no one reads. If we’re lucky, they are explained in Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents, sometimes buried out of view, other times forced on us like ransom notes forcing us to state our compliance or leave the site.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Today, at the Internet Identity Workshop, we officially launch the Standard Information Sharing Label, which makes it easy for websites to say in simple, consistent language what they do with our information, making it easier for individuals to make better decisions about the information we share online.

The Information Sharing Work Group has published a draft specification defining the Standard Label as well as a Kickstarter project to finance its graphic design.

The Kickstarter has a brief video explaining the effort. The official press release is here.

The work is free to use and open to collaborators.

In all my years contributing to the VRM conversation, few projects have made me as proud as I am of the work behind the Standard Label.

Check it out. If you like it, please spread the word and consider chipping into help take this work to the next level.

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