Destroying contract law: CISPA violates more than privacy

Don’t let Congress undermine our best free market tool for fixing our relationships with companies.

The US House of Representatives just passed a bill (CISPA, aka HR264) that explicitly allows companies to ignore their privacy agreements in the name of cybersecurity.

Here’s the Huffington Post report:

SOPA. The Monsanto Protection Act. CISPA. Regulatory capture of the worst kind.

Please get the word out. Fight this thing.

If we can’t even depend on the blatantly one-sided Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of our service providers, entire fields of solutions evaporate. ¬†Efforts to improve, fix, clarify, negotiate or automate the privacy and service agreements will be essentially worthless if Congress is willing to give corporations a free pass.

“Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a self-protected entity may, for cybersecurity purposes … share such cyber threat information with any other entity, including the Federal Government.”

Enshrining corporate protections like this in law isn’t just a privacy problem. It undermines the very notion of contract as a mechanism for constructing agreements in a free society.

This is unaccepatble.

Fight CISPA. Call your senator. Call the white house. Blog it. Tweet it. Repost this.

Tell everyone.

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