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Aadhaar: digital identity writ large in India

India has forged new ground in digital infrastructure with its IndiaStack [1] initiative and Aadhaar, the biometric identity system at its core. Aadhaar is the largest state-sponsored digital identity system in the world. With over 1.1 billion Indian residents enrolled, … Continue reading

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Ten Years Later

Ten years ago I wrote a blog post that captured a key architectural insight at the core of VRM: putting the user at the center of integration not only improves the quality of services, it simplifies our systems. The article captured the gestalt of VRM and helped catalyze a range of conversations that still shape the VRM approach.

Since then, we have seen a lot of progress. Here are a few standout examples. Continue reading

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Speaking of Identity

Identity is one of the most important constructs of society. It’s also one of the hardest to discuss. It is how we keep track of people and things and, in turn, how they keep track of us. When we build identity systems without a core understanding of identity, we risk inadvertently compromising human dignity.
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User Driven Services: 9. Self-managed Identity

9. Self-managed Identity User Driven Services let users manage their own online identity. Unless we control our identity online, we risk unnecessary exposure to identity theft and unwanted correlation of online activity. At the same time, online services increase the … Continue reading

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The Identity Quartet

A functional model for best practice Identity implementations. The Identity Quartet is a framework for online services that allows users to express their Identity on their own terms. When I use the term “Identity”, I refer to the set of … Continue reading

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Kynetx takes on Structured Browsing

Doc Searls recently brought my attention to a White Paper by Phil Windley, about his company, Kynetx. It does a good job explaining the thinking behind their architecture, and raises some questions that, for me, challenge some underlying assumptions and … Continue reading

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R-cards “ah-hah!” at IIW

At last month’s Internet Identity Workshop and the subsequent DataSharing Summit, Markus S and Drummond Reed unpacked several ideas about r-cards, which, to a certain extent, are an evolution of the Information Card at the heart of CardSpace. Going into … Continue reading

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Bandit, Higgins, Open Source, Profit and Novell

At EIC2008 last month, Dale Olds of Novell’s Bandit Project gave me a few minutes and some insight into how Novell (and others) are mixing open source with proprietary software to architect a whole new Identity paradigm online. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Majority of Americans dislike unauthorized use of behavioral data

From Yahoo News: Majority Uncomfortable with Websites Customizing Content Based Visitors Personal Profiles   Level of Comfort Increases When Privacy Safeguards Introduced ROCHESTER, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A majority of U.S. adults are skeptical about the practice of websites using information about a … Continue reading

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BT busted for unauthorized tracking of user activity

The title says it all, as reported by the Guardian: BT admits tracking 18,000 users with Phorm systems in 2006 Bummer. I kinda like BT.

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