A world of claims, not facts

On the Social Network Interoperability list, Danny Ayers recently pointed to a great post, “The World is Now Closed” by Dan Brickley, with the following quote: [[from Dan Brickly:] So what am I getting at here? I guess it’s just that we need these big social sites to move away from making teen-talk claims about […]

Reputation as case-based Identity

Michael O’Connor Clarke on Web 3.0 and Personal Reputation Management: I feel the need for some secure, personal repository that would hold all of my connections and “whuffie” together. I want to keep my whuffie in my wallet – but not in a Microsoft Passport/Hailstorm kind of way. Ack, no. It should include most elements […]

Social Networking, VRM, and Slashdot

Slashdot today had a post drawing input about VRM needs in the social networking space. Of course, they didn’t say VRM, but the issues of silos and pan-Internet identities is directly inline with VRM goals: mrspin offers the opinion of ZDNet blogger Steve O’Hear that users may soon tire of social networks — if they […]

Incredible Inevitable Identity

Last week I attended the Internet Identity Workshop 2006b. It was amazing. Not only was it a source of much varied and in-depth information, the people and community were world-class, all engaged in an “unconference” format that was truly the most effective self-organizing and productive community effort I’ve ever seen. Major thanks to Kaliya Hamlin […]

Internet Identity -> Reputation Networks and more

Effective, distributed, and automated third-party Identity systems will touch and change just about everything on the Internet. (Tip of the hat to Kim Cameron for the proposal and work behind that link.) For the last few months I’ve been exploring how VRM and Complex Search might be augmented with an Internet Identity Meta-System (IIM). The […]