Search is good. Search is bad. Search needs help. Thank Google and Yahoo! for bringing us to where we are today. Now, to figure out the other 95% of search…

The Great Reconfiguration

The Great Reconfiguration

The Internet  is undergoing a major reconfiguration. No longer is it sufficient for companies to package a value proposition on their website and then drive traffic to it through ads, search engine optimization, and reciprocal links. Today companies must find ways to provide a value proposition wherever the user might be: on Facebook and Twitter, […]

Paper Prototype Rocks

Last week we used a prototyping technique that has changed the way I look at development: paper prototyping. I had heard a bit about this before and it sounded great… but there’s always such a drive to just start coding! Before I reach Carolyn Snyder’s excellent Paper Prototyping, I hadn’t realized what I was missing. […]

Farewell Google Notebook, Move over SearchWiki, We need a Search Map

Farewell Google Notebook, Move over SearchWiki, We need a Search Map

Alas, a noble experiment has been slayed by the relentless hand of corporate focus. Google has announced its web-clipping scrapbook Google Notebook will no longer be actively developed. I’ve mentioned Google Notebook briefly in the past, as a tool for helping with user-driven searches (more) — or complex searches as I used to call them. […]

Microsoft’s SearchBar: an integrated tool for Advanced Searches

Microsoft’s SearchBar: an integrated tool for Advanced Searches

Microsoft Research recently revealed a new interface, called SearchBar, for tracking Advanced Searches. It’s pretty cool. The video is a must see for anyone interested in next-generation search. And the PDF is solid detail well worth the read. [You might also want to see their other Search UI innovations.] The new SearchBar addresses a lot […]

Powerset in detail

For those of you who are curious about Powerset‘s natural language search, here is an excellent, in-depth presentation (~1 hour 10 min) at the 2007 International Semantic Web Conference by founder & CTO Barney Pell. Worth watching if next-generation search is on your radar.

Leaving the Information Age

Say goodbye to the Information Age. It’s already over. Ok, not over, completely. These things take time. You don’t just end an “Age” in an instant. But take a look around you and you’ll start to see the beginnings of the end, just about everywhere. The last Great Age, the Industrial Age, started sometime around […]

John Battelle and Eric Schmidt on Data Silos

Phillip Lenssen at Blogoscoped points to this excellent interview of Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, by John Battelle. Of particular note, at the tail-end of the interview, is the unequivocal assurance by Schmidt that Google will “never trap user data.” Score one for user-centric silo busting. And another point for Google, when they actually deliver on […]

The Google Future

Robert X. Cringely paints an intriguing picture of our future… well, perhaps we should call it Google’s future, since they own it: Google will become our phone company, our cable company, our stereo system and our digital video recorder. Soon we won’t be able to live without Google, which will have marginalized the ISPs and […]

Company XYZ Releases Google Killer

This post from Google Blogoscoped is just too funny to ignore. Of course, SwitchBook‘s technology really is going to change everything. It is, after all, about “Complex Search,” which is so much more than just “Search.” Seriously, I think Google is a great target for the passionate entrepreneur. They’ve created a whole new industry and […]

Most managers’ info searches are useless

Nancy Gohring at ComputerWorld reports: Managers waste hours every day looking for information that often turns out to be useless, according to a report from consulting firm Accenture Ltd.In a survey of 1,000 middle managers at large companies in the U.S. and U.K., Accenture found that managers spend as much as two hours a day […]

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