Kindle files to my iPad (Gutenberg eBooks)

How do you get a book at Project Gutenberg into your iPad Kindle app? It’s easy. Go to Gutenberg on your iPad and download the “Kindle” .mobi file.  It’ll automatically open in the Kindle app. Yay. Don’t worry about instructions for how to get a .mobi file to your iPad Kindle.  It’s a bit of […]

Personal Data Stores, Exchanges, and Applications

Words matter. In the last few years, we in the VRM community have been using term “personal data store” as cornerstone concept.  We all understood we were talking about the same thing: a VRM approach for allowing people to use share personal information with third- (and fourth-) party service providers on their own terms. Yet […]

Looking for feedback on pRFP and Information Sharing

At the VRM+CRM workshop last month, we (the Kantara ISWG) released two papers for comment. One on the Personal Request For Proposal (pRFP) Engagement Model and the other the Information Sharing Report. The first is a look at a the negotiation stage in the Car Buying Engagement Model, which paints a detailed picture of one […]

Steve Blank at the Pescadrome in Santa Barbara April 14, 2010

Steve Blank, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and author of Four Steps to the Epiphany, will be presenting at the Fishbon Event Lab, Wednesday April 14 in Santa Barbara. The Event Lab starts at 7ish with a potluck barbecue, followed by the presentation at around 8:30. Steve’s startup experiences include E.piphany, Zilog, MIPS Computers, Convergent Technologies, […]

Digital cleansing

Digital cleansing

Several folks (Matt Cutts and John Meyer, among others) have called for a break from our social networking, online everything world. Sure. It’s about time. I sated myself long ago on the digital high of social networking, whether you call it Twitter, Facebook, or something else. We, the Kool-Aid drinkers, will try just about any new […]

A fresh breath

This last year (2009) was the most challenging ever for me, both personally and professionally. Good times, tough problems, people that transformed my heart, and ideas that changed my perspective. It wasn’t always easy, but each challenge had its own reward. I’m looking forward to writing a bit more this year, opening the conversation up […]

Amazing social media customer support from Zemanta

Unedited, here’s a twitter exchange with the gents at Zemanta, triggered when I used Twhirl to shout out for customer support. I had no idea if they were listening, but I thought they might be. And since they just crashed my browser, Twhirl was the app of the moment, just ready to serve my frustration […]

Social Graph is Plural

Social Graph is Plural

“Social Graph” is not just a singular noun. “The Social Graph” is a popular misnomer that has plagued the social networking portability conversation ever since Brad Fitzpatrick catalyzed the blogosphere with a vision about the Global Social Graph. But in fact, “The Social Graph” has little real value outside of computer science elegance. Nobody but […]

Zen and Technology

I’m not sure how I found it, but today I discovered a bit of a gem in the blogosphere: ValleyZen. For a quick taste, check out the interview with Drue Kataoka on View from the Bay. It is amazing how a few simple words can have such a profound visceral impact. Drue’s suggestions resonate with […]

PocketMod: The origami PDA

I used to carry a small notebook (~2″x3″) with an equally small pen and would jokingly refer to it as my non-digital PDA whenever I took it out in front of fellow digerati. I mostly kept track of to-do items, shopping lists, and inspirations, just stuff. Forward to 2008 and enter PocketMod. Mash up your […]

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