Web Augmentation

TechCrunch blasts Digg for bad digital citizenry

Digg‘s DiggBar and VideoEgg‘s new Twig are clobbering each other in the ongoing battle of web augmentation services, a class of user driven services. In Attack of The Frames: VideoEgg Introduces The Twig Ad Bar, Erick Schonfeld blasts the new Twig Ad Bar and DiggBar for not playing well together.  And well he should. TechCrunch […]

Netizen Developer

Netizen Developer

There is a low grade market war going on in web augmentation services, part of a huge shift in how developers and users perceive the web. The Web used to be about pages, then applications, followed by mashups. Today the interesting action is in augmentation. The leading edge of the Web first moved from static […]

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