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VRM and Personal Data Stores

In my previous post on VRM‘s Personal Data Stores, I discussed how we can decentralize information services by focusing on the user as the point of integration. Not only would that give the user direct control over their personal data–to the cheers of privacy advocates everywhere–it would provide a more robust, reliable, and scalable approach […]

Jeremy Zawodny joins VRM (perhaps unknowingly)

Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo!, recently asked Where to buy unlocked GSM mobile phones? perhaps unknowingly following in the footsteps of VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) pioneer Doc Searls. I’m a big fan of Jeremy’s blog, even if that is where he introduced me to the most time consuming addiction I’ve had in years (thanks a lot […]

The nature of conversations

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Curiously, that delay changed my mental model for conversations, especially online conversations. Understanding conversations is, I think, one of the first steps to creating something amazing with VRM. Re-inventing the online search/advertising/sales conversation may just be the most important part of Vendor Relationship Management… but I’m […]

Relationships are how you express them

At the recent VRM developers meeting, I posited an idea: Relationships only exist to the extent that we express them. Except for incidental relationships, every relationship that we care about manifests itself in our world in the form of expressions of that relationship. Consider a potential relationship between two people, Bob and Frank, walking down […]

VRM Process

Chris Carfi at The Social Customer Manifesto recently posted a thought provoking romp into the future of VRM: Accompanying this visual, he writes: So, the two big questions: Q1: Who controls the interactions between vendor and customer? Q2: Are the interactions focused on transactions or relationships? It’s important to note that the object of this […]

VRM development process

Christopher Carfi makes a good point about VRM over at Social Customer [excerpt]: Immediately diving into code is going to take us exactly down the same path that CRM did, and focus on the technology, instead of the people… Before diving into creating a new technical spec, step outside and look around a bit. Don’t […]