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VRM and Personal Data Stores

In my previous post on VRM‘s Personal Data Stores, I discussed how we can decentralize information services by focusing on the user as the point of integration. Not only would that give the user direct control over their personal data–to the cheers of privacy advocates everywhere–it would provide a more robust, reliable, and scalable approach […]

2007 Not the Year of the Attention Economy

There’s been a lot said about the new Attention Economy and a lot of interest in generating value from “Attention Data.” The enthusiasm bubbles up from excitement about a new abundance to reach the conclusion that Attention is now the scarce resource that smart people will use to create wealth in our post-mass-media, post-mass-production world. […]

Real world attention…

Kim Cameron points to a post by Deborah Schultz, which happens to be a great segue into my follow up with Steve Gillmor: My latest mantra: Everyone step away from the keyboard and Engage with Intent in “offline community” Steve left me a comment the other day, inviting me to call him. So I did. […]

Monetizing Attention

Jim Bursch commented on my latest Attention post, suggesting his own My Mindshare 10-point Declaration is aligned with the AttentionTrust. Unfortunately, it looks like he is getting slammed at Craigslist and not getting traction in the blogoverse (from reading his blog). Jim, I think you might be running into backlash from the PayPerPost click-fraud-like problem […]

A different take on Attention

I’ve panned the AttentionTrust quite a bit in my first few posts, but I must say it is really because they are so close to spot on. Powerfully close. Now if we can just jump from there to something we can actually use… Squirrel Tao writes a bit about attention from a creativity standpoint. That’s […]

Thinking about Complex Searches

Google and Yahoo! are part of a thriving industry that provides billions of dollars in real value. Yet in The Search John Batelle and Udi Manber suggest that Search is only about 5% invented. Bill Gross, inventor of the Pay-Per-Click business model (among other accomplishments), follows that thinking, saying in an interview with John Battelle: […]

Attention Ownership

Doc Searls replied to my comments about Attention and the AttentionTrust: We also tend to feel we own whatever parts of the world serve as extensions of ourselves. Yet, just because we feel that we own it, doesn’t make it so. The Attention movement is pushing back against the perceived loss of power due to […]

Attention v Intention

There’s a lot going on at the moment about Attention and Intention, and with all due respect to the Attention folks, I think you guys got it wrong. Steve Gillmor and the Attention Gang have launched the Attention Trust and generated a lot of buzz and support from a lot of high profile digeratti. Unfortunately, […]