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User Driven Services: 4. Data Portability

User Driven Services: 4. Data Portability

4. Data Portability User Driven Services let people take their data wherever they go. To exercise choice, we need to be able to move our stuff when we leave, taking it from one provider to another. Users must have the ability to easily move data into and out of the system, on their own terms. […]

The VRM Vector

The core of VRM, Vendor Relationship Management, is the vector of activity. Remember vectors? Vectors are multi-dimensional, scalars one dimensional. In high school they explained it by saying velocity is a vector, it contains both the direction of travel and the magnitude. Speed, on the other hand, is a scalar. It only has the magnitude, […]

I Support The Standard Label!A simple way for websites to describe in clear, consistent terms what they do with the data we share.
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