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The World’s Simplest AutoTweeter (in node.js)

Last month, I set up a quick little autotweeter using Node.js to help me with Repeal Day Santa Barbara. I wrote a short blurb about it before hand, here’s what actually shipped. (Many thanks to the guys at the Santa Barbara Hacker Space for inspiring and contributing to this project.) The plan was simple. Set […]

User Driven Services: 8. Improvability

User Driven Services: 8. Improvability

8. Improvability User Driven Services can be improved by users. A closed system can’t predict and satisfy all the needs of all its users, all the time. Sooner or later, someone will eventually desire a new feature or capability beyond the resources or interest of the service provider. User Driven Services take advantage of that […]

I Support The Standard Label!A simple way for websites to describe in clear, consistent terms what they do with the data we share.
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