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User Driven Services: 9. Self-managed Identity

User Driven Services: 9. Self-managed Identity

9. Self-managed Identity User Driven Services let users manage their own online identity. Unless we control our identity online, we risk unnecessary exposure to identity theft and unwanted correlation of online activity. At the same time, online services increase the risk of attacks when using the same identifier for multiple functions. User Driven Services allow […]

The Identity Quartet

The Identity Quartet

A functional model for best practice Identity implementations. The Identity Quartet is a framework for online services that allows users to express their Identity on their own terms. When I use the term “Identity”, I refer to the set of identifiers used in reference to users in online services. At the December 2008 Internet Identity […]

Kynetx takes on Structured Browsing

Doc Searls recently brought my attention to a White Paper by Phil Windley, about his company, Kynetx. It does a good job explaining the thinking behind their architecture, and raises some questions that, for me, challenge some underlying assumptions and business choices. Problem Domain The distributed nature of the web is a big part of […]

Intro video to OpenID

Here’s a nice, clear introduction to OpenID that Phil Windley blogged recently. If you are curious about all this user-centric identity stuff or have taken on the role of explaining OpenID to others, I highly recommend it.

The hard stuff – VRM Use Cases

Last week was the Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View, California, which is, without reservation, the most productive technical gathering I know of. An “unconference,” (facilitated by the incomparable Kaliya Hamlin) it dumps the talking heads for interactive discussions so that folks can get real work done. The culture and focus enable a truly impressive […]

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