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Rethinking Context

Insights from PII2012 The FTC Privacy Report makes it clear that context is the key to privacy. For example, notice and consent need not be presented and secured if the use is obvious from context: If you buy a book from Amazon, it’s clear they need an address to ship you the book. But sometimes […]

It all starts with sharing…

From kindergarten through our professional life, sharing binds us together as friends, colleagues, and collaborators, so perhaps it should be no surprise that online sharing through services like Facebook, Twitter, and email shapes our online social life. Yet sharing online is anything but simple. The details of what happens with the information we share is […]

Constellations of Privacy

Constellations of Privacy

Privacy issues dominate the global debate about protecting the rights of individuals online. Yet, the conversation almost entirely misses a vital point: public or private isn’t a black or white choice and it never has been. Sociologists have long recognized that there is no single “public”, no monolithic context where social norms congeal and deviant […]

Beyond Data Ownership to Information Sharing

Beyond Data Ownership to Information Sharing

The question of who owns our data on the Internet is a challenging problem. It can also be a  red herring, distracting us from building the next generation of online services. The term “ownership” simply brings too much baggage from the physical world, suggesting a win-lose, us-verses-them mentality that retards the development of rich, powerful […]

Kynetx takes on Structured Browsing

Doc Searls recently brought my attention to a White Paper by Phil Windley, about his company, Kynetx. It does a good job explaining the thinking behind their architecture, and raises some questions that, for me, challenge some underlying assumptions and business choices. Problem Domain The distributed nature of the web is a big part of […]

Majority of Americans dislike unauthorized use of behavioral data

From Yahoo News: Majority Uncomfortable with Websites Customizing Content Based Visitors Personal Profiles   Level of Comfort Increases When Privacy Safeguards Introduced ROCHESTER, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A majority of U.S. adults are skeptical about the practice of websites using information about a person’s online activity to customize website content. However, after being introduced to four potential recommendations […]

BT busted for unauthorized tracking of user activity

The title says it all, as reported by the Guardian: BT admits tracking 18,000 users with Phorm systems in 2006 Bummer. I kinda like BT.

NY State strikes out against unapproved privacy invasion by online advertisers

NY State strikes out against unapproved privacy invasion by online advertisers

Kudos to Assemblyman Richard L. Brodsky in the NY State Assembly for taking on GoogleClick and the rest of the back-end invisible online tracking services. The NYT reports A Push to Limit the Tracking of Web Surfers’ Clicks: AFTER reading about how Internet companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo collect information about people online and […]

Europe continues to lead privacy conversation with IP ruling

The EU is years ahead of the US in user rights and privacy. For a VRM example, see the UK’s Buyer-Centric Commerce Forum. Now, according to the Washington Post, an EU judge has pushed the privacy envelope even further, saying “IP addresses are personal data“: BRUSSELS — IP addresses, strings of numbers that identify computers […]

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