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Beyond Data Ownership to Information Sharing

Beyond Data Ownership to Information Sharing

The question of who owns our data on the Internet is a challenging problem. It can also be a ┬áred herring, distracting us from building the next generation of online services. The term “ownership” simply brings too much baggage from the physical world, suggesting a win-lose, us-verses-them mentality that retards the development of rich, powerful […]

A fresh breath

This last year (2009) was the most challenging ever for me, both personally and professionally. Good times, tough problems, people that transformed my heart, and ideas that changed my perspective. It wasn’t always easy, but each challenge had its own reward. I’m looking forward to writing a bit more this year, opening the conversation up […]

One Night Stand worth $300 Million

In the ProjectVRM Standards Committee discussions, we’ve talked quite a bit about a “One Night Stand” use case, where a personal data store is used with an online retailer and all personal data is erased–as much as possible–after the transaction. Teleconference 2008 06 18 Teleconference 2008 07 02 Teleconference 2008 08 13 Teleconference 2008 09 […]

Welcoming 2009

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to 2009. There has been lots of change, both professionally and personally, this year, putting me (and SwitchBook) on a trajectory for amazing things in the year ahead. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to create–and help to create–the world’s first VRM applications in 2009. There are […]

More on Level 4 Platforms

More on Level 4 Platforms

If you’re going to bet your company on a platform, pick the open one. That was my advice last month at the Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum on Platforms. It turned into a lively debate (you can check out the audio for the June 8 2008 event), almost inevitably pitting me against Peter Coffee of, with […]

Pricing for Charities: Pay-What-You-Want and VRM

Charitable giving has an intriguing relationship with rational pricing theories. The supply of charitable products is essentially inexhaustible. Price of a charitable gift is not based on supply and demand, with curves meeting at an efficient clearing price. And yet, there is a competitive marketplace connecting patrons and charities. From schools and radio stations to […]

Tufte would be proud–the world through new (data) eyes

Rarely does presentation of statistical data make me say “wow” out loud. This did. Hans Rosling talking about the state of the world: third world, health, wealth, changes over time. Great data. Great presentation. Worth thinking about. In addition to the impactful visualization of the worldwide transitions in wealth & health since 1960, Hans also […]

Europe continues to lead privacy conversation with IP ruling

The EU is years ahead of the US in user rights and privacy. For a VRM example, see the UK’s Buyer-Centric Commerce Forum. Now, according to the Washington Post, an EU judge has pushed the privacy envelope even further, saying “IP addresses are personal data“: BRUSSELS — IP addresses, strings of numbers that identify computers […]

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