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Ten Years Later

Ten years ago I wrote a blog post that captured a key architectural insight at the core of VRM: putting the user at the center of integration not only improves the quality of services, it simplifies our systems. The article captured the gestalt of VRM and helped catalyze a range of conversations that still shape the VRM approach.

Since then, we have seen a lot of progress. Here are a few standout examples. Continue reading

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Fourth Parties are agents. Third Parties aren’t necessarily.

Fourth Parties is a powerful, but sometimes confusing term. In fact, I think Doc recently mischaracterized it in a recent post to the ProjectVRM mailing list. Normally, I wouldn’t nitpick about this, but there are two key domains where this … Continue reading

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Beyond Data Ownership to Information Sharing

The question of who owns our data on the Internet is a challenging problem. It can also be a ¬†red herring, distracting us from building the next generation of online services. The term “ownership” simply brings too much baggage from … Continue reading

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Introducing User Driven Services

Our world is continually becoming more and more user driven. From cable TV to YouTube, from newspapers to blogs, from Wal-Mart to eBay, from Ma Bell to the Internet, the shift from centralized, structured systems of authority to emergent, collaborations … Continue reading

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The Great Reconfiguration

The Internet¬† is undergoing a major reconfiguration. No longer is it sufficient for companies to package a value proposition on their website and then drive traffic to it through ads, search engine optimization, and reciprocal links. Today companies must find … Continue reading

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Paper Prototype Rocks

Last week we used a prototyping technique that has changed the way I look at development: paper prototyping. I had heard a bit about this before and it sounded great… but there’s always such a drive to just start coding! … Continue reading

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VRM: The user as point of integration

On yesterday’s Project VRM conference call, a piece of the Vendor Relationship Management puzzle snapped into alignment in a flash of insight. It wasn’t something new to the movement, rather it was a realization about the primacy and criticality of … Continue reading

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