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The World’s Simplest AutoTweeter (in node.js)

Last month, I set up a quick little autotweeter using Node.js to help me with Repeal Day Santa Barbara. I wrote a short blurb about it before hand, here’s what actually shipped. (Many thanks to the guys at the Santa … Continue reading

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Towards a node.js Auto-Tweeter

I’ve been intrigued by node.js as a platform for highly-scalable server applications written in javascript and finally found a super simple application I wanted to try with it: an auto-tweeter that would let me schedule future tweets to my own … Continue reading

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Amazing social media customer support from Zemanta

Unedited, here’s a twitter exchange with the gents at Zemanta, triggered when I used Twhirl to shout out for customer support. I had no idea if they were listening, but I thought they might be. And since they just crashed … Continue reading

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