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User Driven Services: 2. Control

2. Control Users control User Driven Services. Once we start a service, we’d appreciate it continuing to respond to our directives, both during interactions and afterwards. User Driven Services give users direct control over both the flow of user experience … Continue reading

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User Driven Services: 1. Impulse from the User

1. Impulse from the User User Driven Services start with the user. People engage the world to satisfy needs and fulfill desires. That engagement marks our intent as we try to bend the universe to our will. User Driven Services … Continue reading

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Introducing User Driven Services

Our world is continually becoming more and more user driven. From cable TV to YouTube, from newspapers to blogs, from Wal-Mart to eBay, from Ma Bell to the Internet, the shift from centralized, structured systems of authority to emergent, collaborations … Continue reading

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The Great Reconfiguration

The Internet  is undergoing a major reconfiguration. No longer is it sufficient for companies to package a value proposition on their website and then drive traffic to it through ads, search engine optimization, and reciprocal links. Today companies must find … Continue reading

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Facebook democratizing TOS? Sort of.

Over the last few months I’ve spent a lot of time talking within the VRM community about the need for a Standard Agreement covering the use of user-provided information in online services. Something that could eventually replace the confusing, complicated, … Continue reading

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Netizen Developer

There is a low grade market war going on in web augmentation services, part of a huge shift in how developers and users perceive the web. The Web used to be about pages, then applications, followed by mashups. Today the … Continue reading

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Kynetx takes on Structured Browsing

Doc Searls recently brought my attention to a White Paper by Phil Windley, about his company, Kynetx. It does a good job explaining the thinking behind their architecture, and raises some questions that, for me, challenge some underlying assumptions and … Continue reading

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VRM: The user as point of integration

On yesterday’s Project VRM conference call, a piece of the Vendor Relationship Management puzzle snapped into alignment in a flash of insight. It wasn’t something new to the movement, rather it was a realization about the primacy and criticality of … Continue reading

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